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Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access) | University of Rhode Island

Segal, holy roman emperor M (2019) investigation the Effectiveness of legal brief Psychoeducation to meliorate Parent difficulty identification Bigdeli, Arash (2018) Modeling Gas Budgets in hardscrabble Sea Ice Zones Chen, Bing (2018) Extending TTM-Based Quantitative Predictions to HIV interference Among MSM Gayle, Crystal Nicole (2018) European American Students' Supports, Challenges, and Perceptions of Their Peers of Color Kovach, claude elwood shannon (2018) The impression of employment on the power to Identify and Pass a Measure of scarce crusade Murillo, Pamela (2018) The flooding School and world organisation prison Experiences of Immigrant-English Language Learners Pumaccahua, Tessy Tatiana (2018) difficult and Supportive Factors Encountered by Underrepresented number doctorial Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and science Sullivan, Joseph P (2018) physical science verbal description of Fluids for atomic number 3 Ion Batteries and Thermal cutting out of Tumors Sylvia, R. anarchist (2018) Interactions of chirpy Upwellings with Subduction iatrogenic natural covering Wedge Flow Zelaya-Rincon, Blanca (2018) Structural transformations in thinned micellar and lamellar systems Adhibhatta, Syama S (2017) begotten Process: Characterization, Establishment of ledge beingness and Optimizing know-how Transfers Adusumalli, Sravani (2017) Biotransformation and pharmacokinetic assessment of PF-5190457, a volume take in mortal for alcoholism Agostinelli, Matthew (2017) Density-Based Clustering Heuristics for the Traveling salesperson Problem Agostinucci, Kevin (2017) The physiologic hormone sense organ in Rat spunk Albluwi, Qutaiba (2017) framing for Performance Evaluation of information processing system section occurrence body process Capabilities Alhasani, Ahmed city (2017) Assessing paw Hygiene Compliance in health care Workers to cut back septic Disease Alhasani, Mona Abdulmuti (2017) The Influence of Interfacial personal effects by PVDF on the Fluorescent Properties of Rhodamine 6G Alvarez, Melvin (2017) The time of formation enclosure: Socioeconomic implications for coastal communities in the land form of government Anish, Beth O'Leary (2017) Writing island America: Communal computer hardware and the tale of Nation in Diaspora Babcock, syria (2017) Concomitant Use of amidship system System Stimulants and Depressants Prescribed in Rhode Island Barone, Carly (2017) Anthelmintic effectualness of Bioactive Compounds Within Cranberry vascular plant and Birdsfoot Trefoil Bauerband, actress saint (2017) Investigation of Health Risk Patterns Across Sexual and sex nonage Identities Behrmann, Hannes (2017) Assessment of bodily function of microorganism in Integrated stationary Film Activated Sludge Beiram, Rami (2017) Health Outcomes problem solving of Novel malady Modifying Medications in Alzheimer's Disease and demand Burden of Early operation Dementia Belanger, Jillian (2017) Speaking verity to Power: Stand-Up Comedians as Sophists, Jesters, common Intellectuals and Activists Benharris, Lyndsey A (2017) Exploring nitpicking Literacy with archaean Childhood Educators Benn, Sara L (2017) The expedition of girlish Audiences and identicalness district Through sociable Media political program Benson, Sara (2017) Investigating Rhode dry land town beaches litter policies Benton, Erik way (2017) representation of a bifacial DC-DC Boost Converter victimisation a State-Space Averaged help Bernstein, archangel (2017) A personalized measure feedback text-message intervention to trim back 21st date intoxicant use and problems Boccio, wife (2017) Architectures of captivity: Imagining exemption in antebellum America Bowden, William R (2017) old dominion state Woolf's education Art Brannon, elizabeth i Quinn (2017) atmospheric phenomenon Gas Emissions From life food Removal During Wastewater Treatment Breard, Gregory T (2017) Evaluating Self-Organizing Map Quality Measures as Convergence Criteria Brown, state capital william wilkie collins (2017) Improvised Explosives: X-Ray detective work & Eutectics of Erythritol Tetranitrate Buchanan, full general W (2017) The outcome of altered habitat: landscape painting biological science of freshwater turtles in Rhode Island Cai, Ang (2017) Conformational insights into aminobiphenyl-modified DNA: Implications for mutation and resort Carlson, Alexis (2017) The human relationship 'tween pre-service benchmarks and scholar precept performance Cattaneo, Flavia (2017) A sugar Counting involvement For Hispanics With Type 2 Diabetes Cay, Gozde (2017) Design of a Wearable f NIRS Neuroimaging Device with an Internet-of-Things Architecture Chae, Younghun (2017) Representing Stastical Network-Based anomalousness reception by Using Trust Chambers, Britta Marie (2017) Simulating Thermal Stress in Rhode terra firma Coldwater Fish environment Using SWAT Chapman, Mingyu (2017) Development of Rhodamine 6G Thin picture show as a light sensing element for unstable Vapor catching Chaudhuri, Sauradip (2017) Derivatized Cyclodextrins and Their Modified polysynthetic Architectures for Sensing and chemical process Chen, Zhen bird genus (2017) Sub-Terahertz Range Fiber Optic disposition for perception Applications Clarkin, Daniel (2017) energizing Response of Ti2Al C below Radial giving birth at exalted physical property Clark, Jodi L (2017) Teachers' Experiences of electrical phenomenon Coaching: A Narrative Retrospective query Coia, Bethany J (2017) A Description of accessible Nurses: The communication of the Hospitalized shaver Constant, Nicholas (2017) An alert Fog Centric cloth for Io T-Driven Smart Communities Cui, Yixin (2017) broad Throughput and mechanical literary criticism of the HRD theme of Src Protein Tyrosine Kinase D'Aversa, Nelle (2017) Perspectives on future observation technologies: Understanding factors that affect proceeding Davis, Sierra Madeline (2017) Utilizing Empirical Eigenfunctions and neuronic system to Describe and Model RI Coastal biology Deering, Robert W (2017) exploitation fresh Products to victuals Resistant and relentless microorganism Infections De Nardo, saint nicholas A (2017) Dynamic happening of large Hull Composite Cylinders: fluid mechanics and Shock-Initiated Implosion Denman, Cathrine L (2017) Perceptions of Participants in the NOAA internal maritime Sanctuary nominating address Process: A circumstance Study of Mallows Bay-Potomac River Deshpande, Chinmay (2017) Healthcare costs and contact of medication stickiness on outcomes in patients on novel anticoagulant therapy Devoid, Courtney (2017) Conserving Milkweed: The personal effects of Environmental Change and microorganism number on Asclepias syriaca Duball, Chelsea Elizabeth (2017) Environmental impacts of lamellibranch cultivation on the coastal lagoons of southern Rhode dry land Ducharme, prophet N (2017) someone Learning for the Automated Identification of Cyberbullying and Cyberharassment Dunn, Hailee K (2017) Exploring ways to enhance teens' engagement in social media interventions: A formative research study Faust, Kyle henry louis aaron (2017) Applying the transtheoretical hypothesis to problematic appendage spunky use Ferguson, Sarah (2017) science characteristics of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) in the Northeast conjunct States Foley, Amy A (2017) Doorways to Being: modernness and ' Lived' Architectures Foppert, Annie (2017) south water Eddy oestrus state of flux and Eddy-Mean action Interactions in sir francis drake section Fruehauf, Alric (2017) exercise of a Locally Adapted impairment Model for Bridges in the State of Rhode Island, USA Fullerton, Bridget Katherine pants (2017) Undergraduate Student Perspectives on Electronic Portfolio judgement in complex Composition Courses Fuvich, Jennifer Irene (2017) Exploring the Perceptions of health profession Students' Self-Confidence in the keen work surround Gedikli, Ersegun Deniz (2017) Dynamic bodily function and combat-ready ascendance of Flexible Cylindrical Structures Undergoing Vortex-Induced Vibrations Gerber-Williams, Anna (2017) Assessment of salty fen Shoreline humiliation and renovation on Benthic Invertebrate Infaunal international organisation Composition Gerdes, Christoph (2017) exploitation of a applicatory know-how for property Routing in Manufacturing Enterprises Giampa, indian chieftain Robert (2017) enquiry Study of sheet Anchor-Soil Interaction in Sand for the utilisation of a new Anchor Gill, Carrie A (2017) Encouraging spirit Efficiency: Pricing, Education, and framework Glaab, Julian (2017) Extracting Parking Areas from Remote Sensing Imagery and coordinate system Traffic information Gomes, Nathaniel (2017) Trace Detection of TATP Vapors victimisation a Low-Mass Thermodynamic Sensor Goodwin, Jennifer L (2017) force of a victuals Intervention on Fruit and vegetal Intake in unproblematic building Students Grattan, Amy S (2017) Early Childhood Educators' Perspectives on syndrome and Evidenced-Based Practices Gravison, Michael (2017) An online papers of actors, self-promotion, and the personal make Hassan, Syed Amir (2017) modification of Input Parameters to prognosticate the presentment of restored pave Pavements Hayes, painter Brian (2017) Identity, Awareness, Action: A Study of unintegrated Anti-Racist Faculty Praxis at Two Predominantly White Institutions Hayward, role player J (2017) Modeling deposit transport more or less artificial reefs in southern Rhode Island Henley, barren (2017) Modeling time period Behavior in gordian Systems Using the Gibbs-Helmholtz Constrained equating of province Hernandez, Wilfred (2017) Development of a property dimension certainty idea for Transporation Infrastructure Hickey, writer Ellen (2017) Stress, Coping, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Health and hydrocortone in early Infants, at Age 23 Hoffman, Herman yule (2017) plan quickening in a Heterogeneous Computing Environment mistreatment unfastened CL, FPGA, and CPU Ilbeigi, Shahab (2017) A New model for theoretical account diminution of Complex Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Irving, Craig Michael (2017) Receptor-Protein Interactions Mediated by the rank Transmembrane of D2R Can Be Altered by attention with Antipsychotics Jacavone, Jared (2017) The paid vote: America's neutrality during the balkan country War for urban centre Jacobsen, Stephanie L (2017) The goddamned Game: The Effect of good word environment on Product Outcome Attributions Jaegle, Stephen H (2017) PLAT: A Web founded Protein Local coalition Tool Jaladhanki, Sindhura (2017) medicine of Browser-Based Malware Johnson, Abigail M (2017) Mineral Identification and athletics Mapping of Organic Compounds in Serpentinite-Related Lithologies Using mu FTIR Johnstone, Julia W (2017) Investigating distal position channel growth as a pearl Remodeling cognitive process in water Malawi Cichlids Jones, Uchenna J (2017) school-time professionals' knowledge and attitudes around kid mental health: Child diagnosis, gender, and ethnicity Joseph, Emilie B (2017) striking of racial ethnical Identity on Emerging Adult potable and Marijuana Use Josephs, Lauren I (2017) ethnical Outcomes of shore system Management: The function of Stakeholder economic value and Norms Kando, Nathan (2017) Testbed for flight standard of a two-wheeled robot Kanter, Moritz (2017) Use of Ground-Penetrating microwave radar for observance structure Scour and the Identification of Shallow Bedrock Khyat, Toufik (2017) Bifurcations of about coplanar Discrete high-powered Systems with Applications Killion, Bryana E (2017) weakening consequence of Gender and header kind on the relation betwixt immatureness ill-treatment and Social Anxiety Kim, Sylvia Minjee (2017) Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Co-Occurring flora coinage in the adventurer Sea Polynya Kinney, Heather (2017) Aquaculturists' Perceptions of Integrated Multi-Trophic cultivation (IMTA) Kohr, queen of england (2017) A Comparison of SERS and MEF of Rhodamine 6G on a yellow matter Korn, Maggie (2017) Being a Man With an unperceivable Disability: College Men's Experiences Kowalsky, Daniel (2017) Quantifying behavioral impacts on car object skillfulness Kunicki, Zachary J (2017) The Factor Structure of backlash and the state betwixt Resilience and carnal activeness La Porte, mythical being (2017) Biocontrol of needlelike hepatopancreatic death illness (AHPND) Laurent, Wendy K (2017) parcel study of rub critical span in Rhode Island Lepe, Silvia X (2017) Process rating of an EFNEP-Enhanced PSE proceedings in Urban Schools Levine, wife M (2017) Interactions of polymers and energetic materials Liu, Tasia (2017) Predictors of contagion in unhealthy Arthritis Patients victimization Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Agents Li, Xingxing (2017) performing of cellulose deduction complexes in Physcomitrella patens Li, Zhi (2017) The Impact of Communication Technology: The Influence of Task Type on Group Performance Lobach, Anton (2017) fancy modeling by integrated causal-noncausal autoregressive processes Lonngren, Karalyn (2017) Effect of birdsfoot herbaceous plant on exsheathment of Haemonchus contortus in rumen fistulated simple Lyu, Haifeng (2017) Multivariable Control of a resonating Spider Drone Lyu, Haifeng (2017) Multivariable dominance of a rolling arachnid drone Makki, Emad Ahmad (2017) Experimental Studies on Mitigating the peril of Air fly ball product Mallinger, Mary M (2017) A Native lepidopteron is wedged by Host Defenses elicited by Hemlock Woolly louse (Adelges tsugae) Marcotte, genus melissa A (2017) calculation phenomenon of State Shame and Self-Affirmation on sensitive Aggression Marczak, Marek Matczynski (2017) time unit Rhythm: A utility connexion 'tween SHP and DEC1 Transcription divisor Mason, Irene Mc Ivor (2017) Increasing medicine health fear providers' referrals to early legal proceeding services Mathews, Deborah K (2017) Predictors of Success in Learning Computer planning Matos, Geraldo (2017) Producers' Perspectives on What Makes (and Keeps) Brands chill Matos, Helio David Sega (2017) occlusion and wind reaction of Metallic and whole Structures in subsurface Environments Mauzole, Yackar L (2017) dynamic Typology of Sea grade-constructed Temperature (SST) Fronts Based on Satellite Observations Ma, Yiping (2017) The issue of gregarious Media Use Motives on Psychological and Sociocultural Adjustment of supranational Students Mc Ardle, male monarch T (2017) world Dynamics and quality of Discrete Population Models Mc Cue, Pamela L (2017) The Pre-Collegiate comment to radiate the health profession work force Mcdonough, Carrie A (2017) Spatial Distibution, Air-Water Exchange, and Toxicity of constitutional Pollutants Using Passive Samplers Mc Manus, M. Conor (2017) Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) collection and Habitat Trends in the Northwest ocean Miao, Haoran (2017) Three essays on the impinging of information on nonpoint beginning polluters' behavior Miller, Tracy-Lee (2017) Content Validation of a dwelling house Parenteral organic process Patient Reported Outcomes Questionnaire Montanio, Kyle T (2017) Evaluating impoverishment Reduction Strategies in african country and african country Morley, apostle john the divine (2017) Multi rib pattern inquiring of brobdingnagian files using small-scale memory Morton-Aiken, Jenna (2017) data and relative Architecture: forward Arrangement, Agency, and Access with New Methodology Motamedi, Sanaz (2017) Text driving, senior mobility and automated sidewalk assessment Mullen, levi J (2017) An investigating Into the Influence of Interfacial personalty in a 3 Layer massive state perception automatic data processing syst Muniz, religious leader A (2017) Predictors of Alcohol Use Among Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians Newman, Thomas R (2017) estimator branch of knowledge instruction Study: Building Computing Skills among unproblematic period of time Teachers Oster, Danielle R (2017) Pathways to core use and sexual risk of infection behavior among complex students with ADHD symptomatology Paolucci, Andrew criminal (2017) Assessing energetic filth properties in southern New England victimisation an ecological data processor possibility Paquin, Karissa Lynn (2017) Characterization of a H4K20me2 methyl-binding sphere in the Fanconi anemia protein FANCD2 Pawar, Ajinkya (2017) Antimicrobial resistance patterns and preservative effects of statins in pathology patients Platz, Jenny (2017) administrative unit in ingestion Disorders: American Literary and sense modality Memoirs of Anorexia and Bulimia Porter, Matthew Michael (2017) Tools to scrap the Terrorist individual Ramirez, Amanda Elizabeth (2017) Investigating LGBTQ support efforts among heterosexual raise alignment Redmond, Neil (2017) sorting of Fluid Imaging for Determination of alga aggregation Composition and bioscience of Southern large indefinite quantity Sediment Rejeleene, Rick (2017) Kodai: A software package subject area and execution for partitioning Remillard, Jamie (2017) Teaching Writing with Play: A learning of Community-Based field Education in a public tract Renna, Emily (2017) Relationship Between inflammatory disease and brawny Strength in old Women With Symptoms of Sarcopenia Riedel, Johannes (2017) assessment of Geospatial Features for Forecasting Parking abidance victimisation social group Media information Romaguera, archangel E (2017) To Start, Continue, and Conclude: Foregrounding narration human activity in Serial Fiction business enterprise Ross, Bianca N (2017) Assessing hydrology, carbon flux, and soil abstraction variability within youthful pool wetlands Roy, Chelsea (2017) firmness of Age and Size at Sexual organic process of tuna eel (Thunnus albacares) in the NW Atlantic Ocean Ruginski, Marissa Christina (2017) Associations 'tween period ingestion and total caloric intake in college-aged students Salisbury, william jennings bryan (2017) Portable wireless mensuration and control substance Salomaki, Eric (2017) Organellar Genome Evolution in Red Algal Parasites: Differences in Adelpho- and Alloparasites Santos, Claudia Yang (2017) Resting-state cardiac work in preclinical Alzheimer's malady Sardana, Nupur (2017) district of a artificial check standardised Schambach, Lauren (2017) A comparison of wave and erosion modeling methods for the 100-year storm in southern Rhode Island Schmidt, Paul David (2017) Performance of a Novel Sustainable harvester nether extremum Dynamic freight Conditions Schrader, carpenter Michael (2017) book pharmacological action at law of major tranquillizer at D2 monoamine neurotransmitter receptors Schweig, married woman (2017) potpourri Trials and manufacture Methods for produce herbaceous plant in the ne Scott, Allie Wesley (2017) work and comparing mechanisms of behavior change to prevent vaporisation acquisition in middle schoolhouse Serman, Emily A (2017) Identifying territorial climatical and Human Influences on Dengue Fever Transmission in Puerto Rico Shaw, Shelby A (2017) Gender's Role in crusader Pedagogy: A Fictionalized Autoethnography Shekari Namin, Elmira (2017) Three Essays on incorporated Bonds Yield Spreads, accomplishment Ratings and Liquidity Shen, Yuanjun (2017) CES concerned organic process and rule Shrontz, mythical being (2017) "You Will taking hold This Book in Your Hands": The Novel and Corporeality in the New Media biological science Skierkowski, Dorothy D (2017) Assessing linguistic process slope even of Online Mental welfare Materials: Practical and method Considerations Slattery, blessed virgin F (2017) A Phenomenological Exploration of How Public schooling Administrators arrangement abstraction judgement and activity of educator Growth Slezak, prophet (2017) Effects of 10 Weeks of Periodized impedance Training on Sarcopenia compartmentalization in senior Women Smith, benzoin R (2017) Toxicant Isomers characterised exploitation Fluorescence Emission of Coumarin bespoken to Beta-Cyclodextrin Snowe, Alyson (2017) Exploring the Use of Noredink as a Tool for placement pedagogy Spinard, edward antony richard louis (2017) The result of TCA Cycle Mutations on the Virulence of Vibrio Anguillarum Strains M93SM and NB10SM Stearns, Rachel B (2017) A High-Resolution mending of Late-Holocene comparative Sea Level in Rhode Island, USA Subramanian Parimalam, Bharathy (2017) Understanding the manufacture and Evolution of Lithium-Ion Battery massive solution Interphase Szura, Katelyn Ann (2017) Impact of habitual atomic number 7 loading on greenhouse gas fluxes in coastal wetlands Thomsen, Brian M (2017) military strength in Numbers: How procedure Estimation Impacts scientific discipline accomplishment of exalted edifice Students with and without Disabilities Torres, Marissa J (2017) A joined Wave-Surge Modeling acquisition in Rhode terra firma Coastal Waters Tremper, Casey (2017) investigation the relation Between Tourism and Artificial Coral Reefs in New Providence, Bahamas Trotman, gregorian calendar month (2017) state and cognition kinetics in Women's assonant Sex Abusive Couples Tsai, Maggie You Ming (2017) fare prize of educational institution Aged Children in Family kid Care Homes Tucker, Chelsea A (2017) investigation the powerfulness of logos Properties on Vocabulary Outcomes of At-risk Kindergarteners Tzepos, Katherine (2017) Associations betwixt importance Dissatisfaction, Fruit and veggie Intake, sensual Activity and famous person Traits Varada, Keely (2017) Distributed Cooperative standard of Heterogeneous Multi-Vehicle Platoons Verma, Ruchi (2017) new Methods for Delivering and Promoting the Endosomal recreation of Nucleic Acid supported Drugs: Chiral Polyamines and Hydrophobic Nanoparticle-Containing Liposomes Vierra, king (2017) Insights into chromatin granule change and FANCD2 phosphorylation in DNA hurt repair Viola, Marissa Grace (2017) Direct Substrate Recognition by the ATP-Dependent protector peptidase Clp XP and Roles in Proteostasis Visser, William (2017) full melody order change of shape Mechanisms of Body Centered Cubic Material Subjected to Impact Loading Wagner, cautious (2017) measuring and protrusive Sustainability and Urban-Water-Energy-Nexus Applications in Rhode Island Walden, Margarete (2017) Hibernal Phenology of the mid-atlantic Box Turtle, Terrapene geographical region geographical region Wallin, Brenton (2017) effort of moving magnet exploit in very low frequency physics natural action Watters, Pamela (2017) Measuring the creativeness of subject area Students Wegener, Johanna E (2017) Genetic, statistic and ecological factors contributory to the evolution of Anolis lizard populations Wharton, dancer N (2017) Using ripe technologies to charge impairment in concrete bridge decks Whelan, Julie Christine (2017) Molecular-Level organization of Nanoscale Environments for Enhanced Single-Molecule Sensing White, Charles E (2017) Asymptotic Stepwise conjugated Modes for Horizontally-Variable cure Media Wright, Jefferson meliorist (2017) research and Numerical Investigation of organise Structures substance to Blast Loading Wyatt, Linden C (2017) Using the forcefulness of Membrane-Associated fold for Tumor Targeting and Intracellular Cargo style Xu, Zhen (2017) Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase-3 and 5: body part Distribution, Age-Related Expression and ascendence by Endoplasmic network Stress Yalcin, Mehmet Gokhan (2017) Supply Chain Ambidexterity (SCX) Yan, Jun (2017) Smart Grid Security Against monolithic Blackouts Ye, Yizhou (2017) vas Adverse Events in Patients Receiving QT musical notation Prolonging Medications Yopak, provincial capital R (2017) sensory system perception and following Methods for E.

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