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Remember last week we told you pretty much no-one noticed large indefinite amount of gay kissing in a Disney cartoon?  A number of the couples in the background were shown enjoying a immediate peck, including a few same-sex couples. the Forces of diabolic featured the insidious nowadays in an episode last week, as main character Star is odd lovesick during a pokey dance at a concert. At the time period we with confidence familiar you that the moment was so subtle that no one had picked up on it for days, and it plane escaped the notice of America’s puritanical self-appointed TV censors, One meg Moms.

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David provide and Sir Elton evangelist mated Sunday, dec 21, in Britain, wherever same-sex marriage became legal first this year. They had a civil partnership observance in 2005, after 12 years together." border="0" height="360" id="article Gallery Photo001" style="margin:0 auto;" width="640"/David provide and Sir Elton John wedded Sunday, December 21, in Britain, wherever same-sex rite became legal archaean this year. D." actor Saffron Burrows, left, is also a newlywed. They had a civil concern ceremonial in 2005, after 12 period of time together. The 42-year-old revealed in an interview with The Guardian that she eloped with her old girlfriend, "Ellen De Generes Show" communicator Alison Balian, in August.

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Are we ready for a gay Disney princess? We may be closer than you think. - The Washington Post

For perceiver of the spirited walt disney hit “Zootopia,” it’s been a bit of a estimation game. While gay and homosexual characters are regulation players in movies and TV shows for adults, they remain a fleeting or barely acknowledged comportment in children’s entertainment. In an early scene, tiro rabbit constabulary officer Judy moves into her new lodging and meets her new neighbors. Last week, a drive to change this caught fire on Twitter, subordinate the hashtag #Give Elsa AGirlfriend — a supplication to Disney to create one half of its loved princess duo a lesbian in the forthcoming final result to its 2013 moving blockbuster “Frozen.” [#Give Elsa AGirlfriend in rooted 2 asks new twirp campaign] A kids’ movie may be similar the last place to be talk around sex. Bucky and Pronk are both antelopes and both men, who live together and bicker suchlike a married couple. But advocates line that in almost every gaudy patrician film or action-packed superhero cartoon, at that place are relationships — moms and dads, aunts and uncles, princes and princesses — that, gum far, have quiet reinforced a existent traditional standard for romantic love.

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