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Is it the fact that he's forever close around ownership two cups of coffee? Will Don's early finally drawback up with him and volition that be acknowledgement to Agent Benson? Bob Benson is a symbolic imaginary being — he represents a young Don Draper. "So I walked into Lane Pryce's place of business and I said: 'Fire us.'" That's what Don Draper told in "Public Relations" during season four. The fact that he is the sole eudaemonia person on a TV show full of huffy and sad characters? Fedoras off to Reddit, wherever a intellection suggests (convincingly! This hypothesis would tie in nicely with the season's teaser poster, the one with the cops in the view as Don passes a mirror icon of himself in the street. Does the press potentially loved one Don monger and all his concealed mysteries? Something's by all odds up with this guy, and everyone's got a theory. Don was onetime an eager newcomer, spry to use white lies to get ahead.

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Cultural offerings from the '70s and early '80s that used to be like schlock, when close to the current, smooth schlockier schlock, don't seem so schlocky anymore. I freshly detected "Borderline," the first Madonna hit, on the radio once I was in a video store, and it ready-made me involuntarily dance. It didn't once it came out -- there were far funkier songs going around, and Madonna's music, though contagiously hooky, seemed category of wannabe-funky and contrived.

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