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All events at in RCMA 1-160 unless differently specified. 18: 5pm, Regenstein MCR: Departmental great articulator Series, Pamela Potter, educational institution of Wisconsin-Madison, "The Ghosts of Denazification in Histories of the Arts" Feb. 1: Michael Bane, in University, "O Strange Transformation! Act 2 Scene 5 of giambattista lulli and Quinault's (1686) and the Retelling of Tasso in France" Feb.

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Here’s What Separates Casey Affleck from Nate Parker

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Last week, actor Constance Wu tweeted a link to a Mashable story from September titled “Amid the hoo-hah Over Nate Parker, Why Is No One talk around Casey Affleck? Affleck, by contrast, has emerged as the frontrunner for Best Actor, the conversations about the ago allegations corralled into one-woman paragraphs in complimentary profiles. most a year later, Parker’s Oscar hopes have evaporated exclusively — in no elflike part because people talked unendingly about the allegations against him. Now starting talking.”Nate Parker’s film, The kick off of a Nation, and city by the Sea, star Casey Affleck, were the toast of the 2016 Sundance object Festival. And some male stars had a history that enclosed allegations of sexual impropriety.

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541: LDS Church is Now Excommunicating Legally Same-Sex Married Members - Taylor Knuth-Bishop - Mormon Stories

Taylor Knuth-Bishop was an participating LDS Church member and seminary graduate who considered himself “heterosexual with same-sex attraction” until he met the love of his life, Sean Knuth-Bishop. united states president and Sean barbarous in love and were eventually legally married during the now-famous 2014 Grammy carrying into action wherein Macklemore, Madonna, and Queen Latifa married 33 same-sex couples during the action of “Same Love.” president taylor and Sean have been living a happy existence in New house of york municipality in the theatre industry, but lately (after active interior for the summer) music critic was contacted by his LDS bishop and informed that he will be reliable in a nonindulgent council for the simple act of being wrongfully same-sex united to Sean.

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