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[Intro] Yeah This song's about that baddist Nii Cha The tec entertainer I experience a ting named Nii Cha She's a literal dick pleaser I know a ting named Nii Cha She's a real prick pleaser Dick pleaser, Nii Cha Let's go [Verse] I be intimate a ting named Nii Cha, yea a horny infinitesimal oriental She got on me and got hot like-minded acadian Say she want to bull, yea the situation was tempestuous We're alike Kanye & Jeezy, 'cause in bed we're amazing She touched the cocky dan, it got to breeding I came at her mouth with all guns blinding Laid fallen in the bed, leaned backmost lazing While my dick deed even up in her tongue same laces She's sucking dick faster than a cluster of niggas racing going away dorsum and forth same a dude who's pacing She ordered down next to me, aforementioned way I was facing Opened up and there's only 1 daub I'm placing the wood If the pussy's sleep, then now it's awake She's noisy loud as fuck, trustfulness me she ain't faking Her pussy wetter than a motherfucking lake and She told me my dick's the best one she's ever taken Writhing in pleasure, god's name she's forsaking She's a bona fide freak dan, no mistaking She said, "Baby boy, bodily property needs a changing" Got on all fours, and let me put the stake in I hit she backshots like that song from the Jamaicans Hit it from the back until her pussy ache She got up on top me inarticulate with her pussy quaking Ride up and thrown 'til your limb agitation Shit feels hotter than an kitchen appliance once you're baking Told her consumption the penis dan, 'cause I'm close to change of integrity She did it now I touch my kiddies on her appearance and I got a towel before the shit dried and got to flaking She sat there with a jizzy facial expression and infected agape damaged the jizz and collected it like-minded a nigga raking reversed off the camera, 'cause I'm finished tape Grabbed my shit, put on my clothes and I get to escaping That girl's pussy is like a penis shelter She moans scarey suchlike a crashing movie from Wes Craven Now I got scratches on my backmost my tegument chafing Whenever I impoverishment some more, we can get to sexual activity And once I call the ting dan, there's no ready and waiting Tell her dick's ready, and I'll eat her like monk She goes up and down like she's fucking gravelly All it is, is sex jigaboo later that no dating [Outro] Haha In the bed yea she so bad Mad ting Yeah I experience a ting titled Nii Cha She a concrete dick pleaser Haha YEAH! Yuh done be intimate This is ode to a story tho' Yuh understand?

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[Intro: Lil Wayne] I gotta bitch named Keisha, she a real dick entertainer But shawty from Cuba unmoving workin' on a Visa Her girlfriend Lisa met her in Puerto anti-racketeering law How she don't suck in dick but expectin' me to eat her? I gotta disagreeable woman named Keisha she a concrete dick entertainer I gotta bitch onymous Keisha she a concrete dick entertainer [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] I got a objection titled Keisha, she a historical prick pleaser But shawty from Cuba, nonmoving workin' on her visa Her girlfriend Lisa, met her in Puerto anti-racketeering law How she don't suck dick, but expectin' me to eat her? That ho crazy, man, you don't wanna athletics her But her homegirl Nita oscine bird cum by the liter She look good in boy parcel and a beater But this other girl Quita way sexier than Nita I ain't lyin she the, hottest bitch, heater But I'm a fuckin' freezer, yea, I'mma fuckin' leave her Yeah, I'm a fuckin' eagle, advertising and deeper smoking suchlike a Cohiba, your ho give me cerebral Now get low and style your toes for my people And if you ain't fuckin' them, then you ain't fuckin' me either You consider your man hot?

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